E-Zinc in used mainly in making alloys like brass & bronze, in food industry, batteries, paints and rubber industry. It is one of the essential minerals for human body. Therefore, it is used in making many medicines related to stomach disorders and certain deficiencies. In the domestic market, the prices of zinc are usually fixed by international spot market rates and rupee-dollar exchange rates.

After E-Gold and E-Silver and E-Copper Spot Multi Commodities Market Ltd (SMCM) has also launched E-zinc. E-Zinc will enable those retail investors who prefer investing in commodity stocks with a view to gain benefits from the volatility in the respective commodities, with no exchange currently offering such facility. It provides an opportunity for small investors to invest in Zinc in smaller denominations of 1 Kg and multiple thereof in demat form.

Investors can trade and invest in one trading unit of e-zinc and multiples thereof. One unit of e-zinc is equivalent to one kilogram of zinc. The clearing and settlement pay-in and pay-out are based on T+2 settlement cycles. Investors are required to open demat account with any DP empanelled with Spot Exchange to participate in this contract.

It is also backed by physical delivery and are stored in the Exchange's secured warehouses/vaults while trading takes place in demat form. An investor can trade in these investment products after opening a demat account with the exchange empanelled DPs.

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Spot Multi Commodities Market

Spot Multi Commodities Market